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I will be at work this afternoon and into the late evening and night. I hope everyone enjoys the round table talk and discussions afterward.
May the Lord bless this gathering of our brothers and sisters tonight.

CAA James Sellers
Priory of St. Luke
Patience is something I was not given and never seemed to understand in the first quarter of my life.
And therefore I cherish the moments God gives it to me.
And starting with the second half of my life I’ve realized Patience is a virtue and it must be cultivated and sought after as it were gold or life eternal.

So there are two things that I keep close, or maybe three.

“Ask and it shall be given…” Jesus.

“Ask, Offer, and Accept” St. Francis de Sales.

“So, I intend neither to hurry or ...  more
To all my Brothers and Sisters I have been under the pressure of a physical virus. One of those most annoying head and sinus infections with a fever.
I’m feeling a bit better. The wife would like to see me get over to the doctors office today. I think the Lord has done their job for them. Amen!

So I’ve spent my time reading, as I can.

“The Templars Knights of Christ” , Regine Pernoud
“The History of the Knights Templars”, Charles G. Addison
“Knights Templar Encyclopedia”, Karen Ralls, Ph...  more
Sleep all day and work all night. The stuff that dreams were made of. My schedule is crazy and all over the place. I am sad I missed tonight’s RT meeting.

I hope you all have a great night. Stay Blessed.

God Above All!
+++NNDNN+++ — with CAA James Sellers
One horse is all we need brother. Have a safe and blessed trip home.
I think I got these dates and time’s twisted around. GP OMSDT Worldwide RoundTable
1st & 3rd Thursday at 9pm ESTPriory St. Luke RoundTable
Every Thursday at 9pm EST+. Roll Call every Wednesday ...  more
1&3 Thursday Roundtable
2&4 Sunday Bible Study
Priory meets don’t have set schedule


VERY quickly there will be an end of thee here: look what will become of thee in another state.

To-day we are here, to-morrow we disappear, and when we are gone, quickly also we are out of mind.

O the stupidity and hardness of man's heart, which thinketh only upon the present, and doth not rather care for what is to come!

Thou oughtest so to order thyself in all thy thoughts and actions, as if thou wert about to die.

If thou hadst a good conscience, thou wouldst n...  more
— with Mark Snurr and 5 others.