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Dear Brothers, please pray for my country, India . We are facing an increase number of persecution across India and in the last two months around 250 plus churches has been burnt and destroyed at my neighbouring State Manipur which is around 120 kilometres from my home town, Nagaland.

An archbishop in the troubled Indian state of Manipur has said that around 249 churches belonging to one ethnic group were destroyed in the first 36 hours of a wave of violence in May. A charred church in the Ind...  more
Pray for America that our Christian brothers and sisters rise against the evil that is destroying America with confusion about their own identity and the rules that are being put in schools and influencing the young God's children.

Its a spiritual warfare and we are praying for America. Whatever happens in America, the world copies them, so one day or the other it will influence the world and it will enter our homes even if we are living thousand miles away from America.
Indeed very true brother may we keep praying and keep fighting the battles to keep bringing the truth of Christ to this darkened world. Blessings!
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