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This article about the newly released movie falls right in line with the topic of our Bible studies, lead by GC Joe. — with Joseph Wames
"Left Behind: Rise of the Antichrist" Shows The End Times From a New Perspective - Idol Chatter
The latest installment of the "Left Behind" film series shows a group of believers experiencing what they believe is the Rapture, but is there any...
Praise God Brothers and Sisters let me take this opportunity to call upon all Godly Hearted 🙏 people to join me in the CHRISTMAS CAMPAIGN of supporting vulnerable children at Ronsen Hope Christian Foundation Uganda and our poor communities. Every year at our orphanage, we try to make also our vulnerable children, disabled and disadvantaged people happy by feeding them with special meals,giving them gifts like bibles, clothings, shoes being donated. I humbly request you members of the OMSDT KNIGH...  more — with Rick Trujillo and 18 others.
Blessed Morning Everyone! I wanted to get the Zoom information out to everyone for our Bible Study TOMORROW Night, October 23, 2022! The Bible study will begin at 6:00pm PST/ 9:00pm EST. We will be covering the next topic in our End Times Bible study, the Battle of Armageddon. I have attached an outline to our Facebook Messenger Chat for those interested as well. Below is the Zoom Link, Meeting Code, Password and all relevant numbers! Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow night.

Joe Wame...  more
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