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Praise God Brothers and Sisters let me take this opportunity to call upon all Godly Hearted 🙏 people to join me in the CHRISTMAS CAMPAIGN of supporting vulnerable children at Ronsen Hope Christian Foundation Uganda and our poor communities. Every year at our orphanage, we try to make also our vulnerable children, disabled and disadvantaged people happy by feeding them with special meals,giving them gifts like bibles, clothings, shoes being donated. I humbly request you members of the OMSDT KNIGH...  more — with Rick Trujillo and 18 others.
Jesus is coming.
God bless you and your generation..
May Sucess in Final Judgement where our soul and spirit will unite back with our old bodies and resurrected .
Praise Holy Trinity God- Father ,Son and Holy Spirit .
Our Father in Heaven love us and award us eternal peacefully lives where no cry ,no pain ,no tear ,no evil .
May Archangel Michael protect us .
Surrounded us with His angels who can defeat deadly to Satan ..
Peace be upon you .
May Mother of God pray for us ..