What this Bible Verse means to me: 1 Corinthians 13:1

This Bible verse means a lot to me in so many different ways. First, to me, it's a decree of love and compassion as Jesus calls us to do. See, we are called to love, even when it is hard to. We see so many Christians with hardened hearts that can resight the Bible but has no true love in their hearts and, quite frankly, any idea what the words truly mean. Following the Lord isn't supposed to be easy. We are supposed to go where others won't. We are supposed to love those who are hardest to love. We don't always have to like everyone but we are called to love everyone. And the way we are different from the rest? To show the love and compassion that Jesus showed.
Second, it tells us that loving God is more important then the rest. How do we know if we really love God? Just like loving a parent (but deeper). It's about relationship and knowing them. You can say you love the Lord but do you really? What is the one thing that you look forward to everyday? Is talking to him priority? Is knowing him what you search for everyday? Who do you turn to when you are sad? Who do you turn to when you're happy? Do you give him the glory or do you take it for yourself? A humble heart speaks volumes to love.
To that I leave you with another Bible verse; John 15:12: "My command is this: Love each other as I have loved you." 
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