What does this song represent; Teach me to dance by Jervis Campbell

This song, Teach me to dance by Jervis Campbell, has such a deep meaning to me. I have been a believer for some time now but haven't always know what that looked like. It was definitely a process with no direction. The analogy of this beautiful song really ties into the current chapter in my life. You see, I never knew we would be where we are now. God tends to give me breadcrumbs so I will jump. One day God told me it was time to have a child and here we are, the happiest I've ever been with the deepest love I've ever felt, aside from God. God one day said it was time to trust in Him and jump away from a company I was with for 10 years to raise my child in His glory (and do work from home). And now here I am with the Templars, ready to grow even further. I would say all of this is for His glory. This is a whole new chapter in God's direction. He is constantly teaching me the dance in His love. The best metaphor I can give is seeing a father teaching a daughter how to dance in a beautiful field while I fall and trip here and there, loosing my footing. It reminds me of where I have been and where I am at now, as far as that is. All the chains being broke through every step taught. He has caught me every fail. Everything that God has given me has lead me here. Every step made me closer and closer to knowing how to dance with our Father. Every decision He made for me has lead to a closer relationship with Him and understanding more and more how to love. Seeing the beauty He has give us. 
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