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I could be cute ,and put up one of those social media taglines that say "I don't know who needs to hear this" ,but that's not true in this case. Everybody needs to hear this. Have a wonderful day Brothers, and Sisters . May the Lord bless ,and protect you .
Indeed every day is. When my eyes open each morning, the first thing I utter is, "Thank you, Lord."
Templar Pirates? I have to tell you I'm having a hard time with this notion. I'm not sure I 'm feeling this one. Templar ships were rented on an as-needed basis, generally to transport new knights, pilgrims, and supplies—including horses—to Outremer. The city states of the Holy Land ,and not the French town. The primary port of debarkation was the fortified Crusader port of Acre, now Akko in Israel. The records that still exist indicate the Templars did own a handful of oared warfighting galleys...  more