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Richard Wurmbrand served 14 years in a Russian-run Romanian prison for preaching the Word and that Christianity and Communism were incompatible. He was the founder of the well-known charity, Voice of the Martyrs. His story is remarkable, to say the least.

Grand Prior Derek and I watched the movie written about his life, "Tortured for Christ" this past weekend, via YouTube. We have linked GP Derek's YouTube account to our Roku and we were able to watch it on our living room tv.

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Please join with me in wishing brother, Thomas Felts, a most blessed and joyous birthday! — with CAA Thomas Anthony Felts Sr.
Click photo for better view. This picture was taken at Spring Valley Reservoir about five miles from our home.
This article about the newly released movie falls right in line with the topic of our Bible studies, lead by GC Joe. — with Joseph Wames
"Left Behind: Rise of the Antichrist" Shows The End Times From a New Perspective - Idol Chatter
The latest installment of the "Left Behind" film series shows a group of believers experiencing what they believe is the Rapture, but is there any...