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Please pardon my asking GP, but is this a new priory?

Thank you

SFC Wilfred David Smith
Priory of Saint Sebastian
heard something interesting today...
god talked to the sea when he created the fish,
god talked to the earth when he created the tree's
when god created humans he talked to himself ...
when you take a fish out of water they die,
when you take plants out of the earth they die, ''what happens when we as humans take god out of our lives ? i would think without out god we as humans can forget about eternal life without god were as good and effective as a fish out of water , or a tree out of th...  more
Philippians 4:13
''I can do all things through christ who strengtheneth me.''
Amen Brother Dakota
Sir William Ryan
Priory of St Joan of Arc
God above all.
Good luck on your journey. Have a Blessed day!
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