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I was sitting in the men’s locker room at work one night just doodling on my phone just watching some videos on facebook, and I had this conviction sitting on my soul; because earlier that morning I came home and went to bed after thanking God for keeping me safe as I traveled home.
(I work the night shift) and when I went up stairs and laid down my head, I got hit with the temptation of lust and pornography. Needless to say, I failed.

Now I did pray and asked God to forgive me, but the convi...  more
Good morning, Templars. It gives me great pleasure to announce a new member to our Order and to the Priory of St. Michael the Archangel. Please join me in welcoming CAA Liam Glenn! Here’s a few words that he had to say about himself:

I grew up watching movies and tv shows about medieval times and how knights were portrayed as men of virtue, honor, and valor, and overtime I began to believe in the same standards and morals, to the point where I set the knights code as my code of conduct, I hones...  more
— with CAA Liam Glenn
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